Sony’s Adam Boyes wants PlayStation to be the easiest dev platform

Sony’s Adam Boyes wants PlayStation to be the easiest dev platform

The development relations executive for Sony Adam Boyes Wants PlayStation to be the most accessible games platform to develop for, according to a CVG interview.

In a interview with CVG Boyes said: “I would like PlayStation to be the easiest, most accessible place for anyone that’s making great games to come out, and have their games come to the broadest amount of people”. Adam joined Sony only recently in 2012 bu t he has already made a name for himself.


Boyes has said after a Sony press event that more than 1,000 indie developers are licensed to publish their games on all of Sony’s platforms. Boyes also has the belief that indies can help create the broadest reach of content for The PS4: “For PlayStation it means a rich, diverse breadth of content. From the very top, big Call of Duty and Destiny and Battlefield and Maddens of the world, all the way to Starwhal: Just the Tip or Nidhogg. I always like to say when people ask is it just a shtick? No, talk to the developers. I’ll tell you what I feel and believe, but the reality of it is that it comes from them. The day that we aren’t good at this, and the day that we are just blowing smoke, is the day that they’ll tell the world and the gig will be up.”

This hopefully means the VIta will continue to get fantastic indie support like it did last years titles such as; ‘thomas was alone’, ‘lone survivor’, ‘stick it to the man’ and others.