Screenshots Leaked for Possible Upcoming Game Project Beast

Screenshots Leaked for Possible Upcoming Game Project Beast

Over the past few days, screenshots of a game with the working title Project Beast have been buzzing across the web.

Judging by the dark and gothic feel of these images, it is very likely that Project Beast is a game that will be centered in the horror-adventure genre.  At a glance, the challenges of the game will involve fighting off hordes of zombie-like enemies, hellish hounds, and other beast.  Project Beast is expected to be the next successor to Demon Souls.  Stepping away from the medieval-fantasy setting, the old design of the shotgun in a screenshot suggests that suggest that the game could take place anywhere between the 17th and 19th centuries.  Cobblestones, architecture, and enemy weapons also support this time setting if these aspects were designed with historical accuracy in mind.

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Because of the level of detail and originality of these new Project Beast screenshots, I think it highly unlikely that they are fake.

If legitimate, there are strong reasons to believe that these screenshots were created by the development team at From Software.  It is also reasonable to suggest that Hidetaka Miyazaki, the largely successful film director, animator, and screenwriter, could be leading the team behind Project Beast.  Miyazaki did not participate in the development of Dark Souls II and rumors that he has been working on another project have surfaced ever since.  While nothing has been confirmed, the art and themes of Project Beast are similar to Miyazaki’s previous works.  If this is the project that Miyazaki followers have been speculating, we can surely look forward to an incredible game with detailed art and an engaging story.

Regardless of the legitimacy of Project Beast screenshots, it has been noted that From Software is working with Sony’s Japan Studio.  This means that it is very likely that final product of Project Beast will be a Playstation 4 exclusive.

These screenshots could be just the tip of the iceberg in hearing about one of the biggest projects in next-generation gaming.




  • oliver rebbeck

    doesn’t look too much different than dark souls, which could be good or bad.