First impressions: Dex – EGX:Rezzed Pre-alpha build

First impressions: Dex – EGX:Rezzed Pre-alpha build

Developer Dreadlocks Ltd – a Kickstarter success story, have caught my eye with their side-scrolling Cyberpunk RPG Dex. And after some playtime on their pre-alpha build encouraging signs are throughout that this could be a game worth your attention.

In the futuristic Harbor Prime you the player are thrust into a world of gang’s, oppression and opportunity. As you talk to the denizens of the town and work your way through numerous missions you will find an inspired love letter to games such as Shadowrun, Deus Ex and the scores of Cyberpunk table top games and movies that precede them.

Like those before it, Dex comes to us with a beautifully realised world that screams attention to detail. With foreground and background characters hustling around you, neon signs blinking and a clear disregard for any anti-graffiti policy – this is a world you too, will want to explore. All encased with a tight, futuristic beat and a hand drawn art style, both of which lends to the thick steampunk atmosphere.


Show me the nearest noodle-bar

Exploration felt right and this was partly thanks to the 2-D side-scrolling view and my earlier gushing for the visuals, with jumping allowing you to branch off the path and find otherwise hidden ladders and ledges, whilst the zoom in zoom out let you discover just the right amount of information to clue you in to where you may need to get to.

Dex - Pre-Alpha

My random jumping even lead me to a quest! Progression!

Dex doesn’t stop at good presentation and a bit of jump-exploration, they offer us all the essential hallmarks of an engrossing role player with Level ups, Skill points to further enhance your various abilities like endurance or lock picking with itemising your character and multiple approaches to both story and combat to play big parts later in the game. Also worth a mention is the augmentations – a classic in the Sci-fi Cyberpunk genre allowing you to get bigger and better robot enhancements to give you access to things like double jump and immunity to poison through what I can only imagine is robo-lungs.

Robo-lung saves lives.

Robo-lungs saved many lives this day…

With gang-warfare, whisperings of a fully voice-acted storyline that changes with your decisions as well as being able to warp in and out of hacker segments to progress further the cyberpunk RPG genre looks to finally be ready for a comeback.

It’s safe to say I have enjoyed what I have seen so far and would love to see this game kick on to be a real re-awakening for an almost forgotten generation of cyberpunks. It’s made my “to-play” list and it may just earn a spot on yours.

The game is currently nailed down for release in the Q4 of 2014 with platform support for Windows, Linux and Mac with console versions for the Ouya and WiiU.

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