Eurogamer: “Shenmue 3 as close to being announced…..”

Eurogamer: “Shenmue 3 as close to being announced…..”

In a recent article on Eurogamer, Features Editor Martin Robinson revealed this tidbit from a converstation with Yu Suzuki:

“It was a slightly odd sensation to learn, through Suzuki’s comments, that Shenmue 3 is more than just a dream. Suzuki said more than I’m able to fully disclose, unfortunately, but it became clear it’s as close to being announced as it has ever been over the past decade.”

The last time a website reported news about a potential Shenmue sequel was when the little-known gaming site Kikizo annouced that Shenmue III was ready for next-gen (which is now last-gen).Eurogamer is obviously a far more reputable source then Kikizo (the site shut down a few years back).

Time to get excited again Shenmue fans.

  • Av Kandola

    Hope it is true. ..can’t wait

  • wolf581

    shenmue 3 it will be a ps4 exclusive and it will be reveald at e3

    • DemDooBBoyz

      Why do you think that? BC cerny and Yu are ex co workers? Shenmue is owned by Sega. If anything it’ll be revealed at xbox e3
      Phil most likely already sealed a deal with sega

    • Michael Cardwell

      Na bud it will be multiplat or X1 exclusive wiling to bet my life on that…

  • Black Falcon


  • Jason Dean Goldsmith

    I specifically bought my original Xbox to play Shenmue II, it would be so fitting to finish the fight on my Xbox One!!!

  • Sahhid Uddin

    Cant wait!