EA voice opinion on Nintendo

EA voice opinion on Nintendo


A source from within the publisher EA has spoken out about their current view on Nintendo…needless to say it seems the two are not the best of pals.

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly. It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”.

The remark is not surprising due to Nintendo’s latest financial report, but on the other hand Nintendo still have some of the most iconic franchises under their banner as well as cornering the handheld market in most respects. As well as past installments which have changed gamer’s perspectives worldwide. In my opinion they will always be an influence on the way I game like it or not.

Regarding the last line about EA and Activision only being interested in ‘games that can be big franchises’. Have they not heard of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc? Pretty big franchises in my opinion. I’m no Nintendo fan boy but I did feel compelled to point that out. I’m not intending to knock EA as they have been extremely successful.

What do you think? Which of these publishers do you think has achieved the most? Where will their futures lead?

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  • Av Kandola

    Nintendo has never had great support from other developers but have always produced amazing selling consoles apart from the Wii U. Even after all these years Nintendo still are releasing stunning games.

  • Sam

    Its Nintendo’s own stubborn that caused it