Bethesda file Fallout 4 trademarks

Bethesda file Fallout 4 trademarks


Once again more rumours of a Fallout 4 game have surfaced, with NeoGAF spotting that Bethesda Softworks have registered a trademark for Fallout 4 this week. The trademark covers not just the game but clothing and other merchandise as well.

Could this mean Fallout 4 is in development? Let us know your thoughts.

  • o0MattE0o

    Little more information for you :D

    * Morse Code is a date of 11th December 2013
    * ZeniMax Media Inc own the domain

  • Matthew Robson

    Im rather worried about this title bethesda seem to getting worse with age I absolutly loved obilivion and fallout 3 but skyrim although a great game was nothing on obilivion and fallout new vegas was a massive disappointment for me after fallout 3 ive got everything crossed for this to be a great epically as were not going to a new elder scrolls untill the mmo comes out.

  • Daniel Snook

    I just hope it’s not a buggy mess like Skyrim was on launch. I believe there are still issues with the PS3 version.

  • Matthew Robson

    Skyrim was nothing compared to the bugs on new vegas when it first came out you would crash every 20 mins.